Creating value through technology

Mclean Sterling is a technology management, consulting and outsourcing company. We focus on improving operational performance and risk management for small, growing and midsize organizations.

Driving better, faster decisions

We help organizations increase and sustain the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations by automating processes and enabling knowledge workers with actionable information.

Focusing on business outcomes

The range and depth of our technology management capability, combined with our ability to bridge the communication gap between business and technical leadership teams, sets us apart.

De-risking project execution

Try Googling "why projects fail", and then talk to us about the alternative. We live and breathe project management and excel at running project offices that get the job done.

Controlling operational risk

Organizations that regard internal control as an expensive, time-consuming inhibitor are living in the last decade. Step into the new world of operational risk management and start adding value today.
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