About us

About us

McLean Sterling is the sort of thing that happens when a few guys who worked in IBM's outsourcing division and a in couple of blue chip companies' IT departments get together over a beer and a steak sandwich.
We started noodling around a few ideas about how we could take all the enterprise IT things we'd lived and learned, and package it so it met the needs of small and midsized businesses. Pretty soon, we'd filled a napkin with scribbles. In a day or so, we bought a bigger whiteboard. And after a few months that flew by we discovered we'd become a managed service provider.
Since then we've refined our methods, invested heavily in systems that let us automate our operations so we can be sure of delivering speedy, high-quality services, and had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients. We also nearshored our network operations center to the UK, which together with our level of automation gives us a competitive pricing advantage.

Today, we deliver services to clients across the lower 48 states and internationally. We love a challenge, and we have a finger on the pulse of how to use current and new technologies to drive business results. Drop us a line!

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Our service portfolio

When you're running a busy organization you don't have time to get into the technical details. That's why you need a proactive team like ours that will not only look after running IT for you, but also take the lead in finding ways it can help optimize your operations.
Decision Support →
Leverage knowledge, data analysis and visualization to enable better decision-making.
Digital Marketing →
Engage new media and digital technology to help find new markets and revenue.
IT Service Management →
Focus on your core business while we deliver a reliable, cost-effective technology service.
Process Automation →
Lower your overheads and improve quality by automating business workflows.

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