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Tales from the market, tales from the front line

Where do blog posts come from?
In our case, we try to bring you a mixture of content from a few different sources. Because we continually monitor new and emerging technologies on behalf of our clients you can expect to see ideas relating to their use in small and midsized organizations, but we're careful to avoid just cutting and pasting the press releases from vendors. We gain insights from our hands-on work, of course, and everybody loves a good war story so we'll make sure we include those (some of them are quite entertaining in their own right). And finally, we get inspiration from outside the SME space, and come up with a few thoughts on how we could apply similar principles to the work we do to help clients.
We hope you enjoy our blog, but please let us know if there's a particular topic you'd like us to cover — drop us a line, and we'll not only post up something in the blog but we'll also come back to you personally if you'd like us to.
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When you're running a busy organization you don't have time to get into the technical details. That's why you need a proactive team like ours that will not only look after running IT for you, but also take the lead in finding ways it can help optimize your operations.
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Leverage knowledge, data analysis and visualization to enable better decision-making.
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Engage new media and digital technology to help find new markets and revenue.
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Focus on your core business while we deliver a reliable, cost-effective technology service.
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Lower your overheads and improve quality by automating business workflows.

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