Employees have enough distractions – don’t let an illicit website be one of them

Employees are more likely than ever to be distracted by time-waster sites or, worse, offensive sites that are not meant to be viewed in the workplace.

And today, as more employees work from home, your network is more vulnerable than ever before to malicious websites. Employees can accidentally access sites that trigger malware to be installed, or they can fall prey to a phishing scheme that uses a fictitious site to access secured information. That’s why it’s crucial to include DNS Filtering in your organization’s security system.

Our DNS Filtering service allows organizations to limit users from visiting unauthorized websites that could put their company at risk. Using this technology, we can easily manage and alter your company's web filter at will across the network to suit your internal policies. And the filtering works right off the endpoint device, so your users get protected inside and outside the office.

Benefits and features

  • Blocks access to malicious or infected websites
  • Prevents users from accessing material that could hinder productivity
  • Provides additional security against malware and blocks phishing attacks
  • Includes easy-to-implement category-based filtering, blacklisting, and whitelisting
  • Policy-based, so you can selectively unblock websites at certain times or for certain users
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux, and iOS

Defining Unwanted Sites

DNS filtering provides three different types of groups for maximum control, allowing you to decide which IP sites and content will be blocked on their employee’s devices. All groups can be used in combination, so we can work with you to fine-tune your DNS security policy.

Category-Based Filtering

You can easily block the most time-wasting or illicit site categories, including social media, pornography, news sites, gambling and gaming sites. These and other categories are updated dynamically on a regular basis to include any detrimental sites that may emerge.


Add specific, non-category-based websites you want to block through the blacklisting feature for added control.


You can also give your IT team more control over the list of destinations that employees are allowed to access with the whitelisting tool. Ensure that the websites employees need for their job is accessible.

A first line of defense against malware

Sure, you're sensible and all your PCs have a next-generation endpoint protection app installed. But that's a second line of defense - DNS filtering stops employees getting to the source of an infection before you have to test your antivirus protection. That's a whole lot more sensible as an approach, providing defense in depth against cybersecurity threats.

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