Your employees can work from anywhere – shouldn't your firewall?

Today, workers connect from anywhere and everywhere, and critical applications and resources are frequently located in the cloud or off-site. As traditional firewalls fall short, the result is an IT department that struggles to secure networks and resources by patching together a variety of tools. This causes high overhead and human error, leading to hacking vulnerabilities.

Add Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) to your network

Our Firewall as a Service protects your cloud network and resources and keeps your employees safe whether they are working from home, a hotel or their local Starbucks. FWaaS allows you to segment Layer 3 and 4 access based on user or group identity, controlling access to every part of your network at the granular level.

Precise traffic control across every resource

For many years, an organization's network typically consisted of safe, office-based local area networks protected behind physical firewalls. That's still fine, but today the way employees work and the proliferation of mobile and bring-your-own devices mean that older architecture falls short in providing the protection you need. Using FWaaS, we can simply select the relevant network, name a rule we need to add to protect you and then choose the applicable sources (users and groups, addresses, or services), destinations (including addresses or services) and whether to deny or allow access when the rule is in place. As soon as we apply the changes, the rule will be activated, so it's very fast and responsive.

Make your network audit-friendly

All businesses have compliance requirements, from auditors to regulators and, of course, to prove to owners that their investment is safe. Using FWaaS provides an easy, comprehensive view into all of your existing firewall rules. At the click of a button you can expand the rule to get a simple and interactive display of the details of user and group lists, IP addresses and specific services that are allowed or denied access according to how the rule was defined. Auditor queries, instantly answered.

Tackle complex issues with simple cybersecurity

In today’s complex workplace environment, firewall rules require depth. You need a cloud-based firewall that will allow you to easily segment your network based on resource sensitivity and user roles and location, ensuring true Zero Trust access. Define your access policies with unprecedented detail and isolate sensitive dataflows with our Firewall as a Service.

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