Driving better, faster decisions

Manual tasks waste time and encourage errors. Frustrating and dull user interfaces bore employees. We make technology do the heavy lifting behind easy to use, engaging user experiences.

Process automation

Workflow Automation & Optimization

Pop quiz. You're told you need to hire more people but it feels like you're having to take it on trust. Or you look around you and see people emailing forms built in Word, Excel and PDF files. Those are signs you could increase quality and productivity by automating workflows and measuring their throughput. If you're not systematically analyzing and optimizing your processes, then simply hiring more people is a blunt and expensive instrument.

Data Integration & Alignment

Outside of their Enterprise Resource Planning systems many departments follow time-honored routines of copying, pasting, importing and exporting  data using end user applications. From basic scheduled tasks to enterprise data staging systems, let the computers do the heavy lifting. Show your data creators and consumers that you value their skills too much to leave them suffering in silence any longer.

Information management

Engaging, Accessible Information Portals

Yes, SharePoint, we're looking at you. An independent survey of enterprise content management systems showed 43% of users prefer alternative systems for file sharing and 66% say SharePoint is too difficult to use due to a lack of training. We'll help you replace doubters with delighted consumers by creating engaging, accessible portals where knowledge workers can thrive.

Management Information for Inquiring Minds

Make your data have an impact. Enable ad hoc analysis and new insights. Bring information to life using a range of data visualization software and genuinely transform management reporting. If you're still emailing Excel reports around the organization and putting up with the old-fashioned PowerPoint cottage industry give us a call and we'll show you what 21st century reporting looks like.