Enterprise Plan

Turning IT into a highly performing, scalable business driver for the most ambitious organizations.

As a larger organization you're entitled to expect your information technology will really work for you.

That means you need an IT provider that doesn't just tell you how many computers they patched last month, or what the stats on your helpdesk tickets look like. You should have all that information and more anyway. The true measure of your IT team is how they can bring ideas to the table and let you know what options exist that can benefit your operation.

Managing IT like a business

Our Enterprise plan delivers all the technical aspects you'd expect, but focuses increasingly on making technology a leading partner in shaping business operations and delivering organizational results. It's all about being as proactive with IT as your organization will accommodate, not just a utility focused on availability and support.

Transitioning to insourced IT

As you grow, you can leverage economies of scale. Running IT is no different - you'll eventually find that so long as you have the right internal skills and processes it's cheaper to insource your IT team. We'll help you get there. It's the ultimate measure of our success when our clients outgrow our managed services. We'll help you design your IT organization, create role descriptions and conduct technical interviews on your candidates. We'll use our knowledge management skills to embed suitable IT processes, policies and documentation in your business. And finally, we'll seamlessly manage a handover to your new in-house team or to a co-managed IT setup where you cherry pick any services you still want us to manage on your behalf.