Partner Plan

Co-managed services to complement in-house client teams or smaller IT service providers.

Sometimes, your in-house team needs a little help.

Maybe you're a larger business but you want out of hours support, or you'd rather keep your backups completely independent. Or perhaps you're a smaller MSP and you'd like someone to help you build a library of PowerShell scripts with full error handling and best practices baked in. Our Partner Plan is the answer.

Co-Managed IT services for business

Even when you have an in-house team, there are some great reasons why relying on a third party to provide certain services makes sense.

The first area is obvious - if your team is based in one location and you have workers in different countries or time zones, or if you have critical systems you want to monitor over the weekend, then out of hours support is a must. And there may be business reasons why you want to evidence complete independence for certain IT processes, like backups and disaster recovery. Sometimes, the reason is all about internal control where independence of testing or design of automated controls and general IT controls is vital. Talk to us today about how we can help - you might be surprised why a fully insourced technology function actually doesn't give you the best business result.

Specialist services for Managed Service Providers

If you're a smaller MSP we've been where you are! We're committed to helping other MSPs grow and succeed, so in addition to contributing to the MSP community's forums and expos we also opened up our Partner Plan to let MSPs get more practical assistance. This can simple be due to scale and budget, so for instance you might be keen to hire a dedicated PowerShell developer but don't yet have a full workload for such a role. In other areas, we find some MSPs who are more than capable at systems administration tasks for Windows infrastructure but they would like someone to subcontract management of another part of their stack. Finally, we can support MSPs with automation between the APIs of their commonly-used systems and undertake the non-technical work such as documentation and knowledge base build and maintenance. If you ever think "we don't have time to..." then give us a call.