Professional Plan

For growing firms that need professionally-managed IT to drive productivity and performance.

Our information technology management is 100% geared around your business results.

Once you've got the basics covered you'll have a stable and robust platform on which you can build technology solutions that genuinely drive productivity, reduce costs and support profitable revenue growth.

Process management

As you grow, the basic applications you start with no longer give you the scalability or configuration options you need. We can help you migrate to alternatives offering more scope and wider options, and we can help you automate the growing number of manual processes that will start to creep in to your daily operations.

Deeper security

The bigger the company, the larger the security footprint and the higher the value at risk. Scaling up a business requires scaling up your defenses, so we provide additional layers of protection against the growing number of cybersecurity threats.

Business/technology alignment

In order to set a reliable baseline from which to plan and against which to deliver, we'll work with your team to build out a detailed assessment of your systems architecture. Risks and weaknesses will be reported, tracked and mitigated. Options will be formulated for your future consideration, giving you an insight into where your IT needs will change as you continue to expand.