Our five practices comprise three functional domains of management information, information technology and technology management, plus two cross-functional domains of risk & regulatory compliance and project management.

This structure allows us to quickly deploy tailored advisory and managed services to suit our clients’ operational requirements.

Management information

Static, periodic reports are out. Error-prone, burdensome to produce and often out of date by the time they hit your inbox, they also have hidden drawbacks relating to storage volume, near duplicates, version control and difficulties in protecting intellectual property.

Modern organizations embrace collaborative tools to share information in real time and enable immersive analysis approaches. The emphasis has shifted from “What we did last month?” to “If we change X, how does that improve Y next quarter?”

This shift requires more than just new technologies, though. People need to learn how to change their approaches to focus on decision making instead of just document production, and how to make compelling, actionable business propositions to drive quick, confident decisions.

Information technology

Our IT practice helps organizations overcome barriers to growth, improve availability and reduce cost of ownership.

We work from the users’ perspective to design, cost and implement suitable technical platforms to deliver organizational benefits. If you sometimes think your IT department or service provider “just doesn’t get it”, then talk to us. We bring a combination of technical and business analysis skills to bear on all our IT work so we can bridge the business/IT divide that often confuses stakeholders and is the cause of many well-publicized IT project failures.

We’ve worked with smaller organizations to fix unreliable (and in some cases broken) infrastructure, helped rapid growth businesses to re-engineer their systems while maintaining daily operations and collaborated with companies like EY, Deloitte, SAP, Accuity, Oracle and IBM to deliver enterprise-class systems to blue chips.

Information technology management

For small and mid-sized operations, we provide services similar to those of a traditional Managed Service Provider, but with three key differences.

Firstly, MSPs tend to sell hardware and software. We think that creates a conflict of interest, so instead we deliver a managed procurement service that ensures transparency and accountability.

Secondly, the MSP industry is motivated by reducing the number of technologies offered and limiting them based on internal systems integration options. These benefit the individual MSP’s bottom line, but sometimes mean that the customer gets a solution, not necessarily the best solution for their needs.

Finally, some MSPs are run by people with great experience in the sort of IT used by small businesses but perhaps lacking the depth and breadth of knowledge that our background with enterprise-class IT provides. While we compete happily on price with MSPs we think our independent approach and our ability to advise as well as deliver in this domain has more to offer.

Risk and regulatory compliance

Focus on the operational and technical aspects of risk management has been a key component of our service offerings for nearly two decades.

We address operational risks and issues across the spectrum from identification and classification to mitigation and recovery. Our experience covers more than just IT security, antivirus protection, encryption and disaster recovery, although we do a lot of work in those areas. The people in our RRC practice have deep expertise in fraud, business practices, business disruption and data errors.

Our regulatory experience encompasses Sarbanes-Oxley, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, Basel II, MiFID and more. We’ve helped organizations implement changes to ensure compliance with new regulations, remediation of non-compliance with existing laws and resolution of a wide range of audit points and management letter obligations.

Project management

Our project management practice provides hands-on project managers to drive a range of business and technical projects, and sets up and runs project management offices to manage and coordinate portfolios of work.

Of course, not every project starts, runs and completes in a clean manner, so we also provide comprehensive project recovery services to address stalled or failing works in progress.

We can usually accommodate both full and part time requirements for both PM and PMO work, and we offer methodology support and training for in-house resources. Our ability to provide fractional PMO services to mid-sized organizations who do not require a full-time project office is a unique aspect of our approach, and we eat our own cooking regarding project reporting – we’re proud that our PMO work is a PowerPoint-free zone.


With our wide area network optimization service, architects in different offices and countries can collaborate on business information modeling projects as if they were in the same room.