Running IT like a business. Link cost and delivery to business outcomes within defined risk appetites.

To manage information technology properly you have to treat like a business. If not, how will it deliver business results in line with your organizational goals?

Warning signs

If you've ever been presented with a request for expenditure on IT systems but you feel that you haven't had the requirement fully explained, then you can be sure your IT needs to be better managed. And the answer "because it needs replacing" is simply not good enough if you expect your systems and infrastructure to drive value.

Similar warning signs include lack of justification for capital expenditure, the lack of a supporting evergreening plan and regular incidences of unplanned expenditure requests.

Any successful organization deserves a more professional approach.

A more commercial approach

We bring years of experience to the commercial management of IT. Our expertise encompasses financial management, planning, risk management and cost reduction. We deliver on reporting methods that hold IT accountable to its planned business contribution. All wrapped into one tested, solid framework and keyed into the necessary supporting policies.

Remediation services

In addition to reliable, regular commercial management for IT we often undertake zero-based reviews of information technology budgets and commercial plans. We're happy to say that our clients often report these exercises result in substantial savings for them, the corresponding elimination of waste and complexity in their systems architecture and root-cause fixes for lingering IT problems.