Reliability and performance are the name of the game.

You wouldn't own a car and not take it in for regular servicing, and your information technology deserves the same level of care.

Hard-working computers and other technology components need regular maintenance. From the basics like clearing out temporary files, compacting databases to release storage and improve performance, emptying queues and more, to setting and resetting desired state configurations, all the way to applying the latest policies that drive reliability and performance. Unless you work in IT, you'd be surprised how much goes on behind the scenes to make sure your technology is fit and healthy.

Regular as clockwork

All our regular maintenance tasks run on weekly, monthly and quarterly schedules. And if a computer's offline at the time, it will reschedule automatically to pick up the next time it's active. This work is controlled and planned by our network operations center to ensure each asset successfully receives the maintenance it demands.

Keeping it simple, keeping it standard

You will always avoid issues and problems with IT by standardizing the setup of each computer. Reason is, if you have a uniquely set up computer and it develops a fault, the service desk will need to figure out how the computer was configured before they can triage the issue. This takes time - sometimes, a lot of time, and all the while you'll be falling behind on your work for the day. Regular maintenance, performed properly, sets up similar groups of computers like a cookie cutter so the support team can get to fixing not diagnosing as soon as possible.