Smart, continuous monitoring to flag predictive failures before they become harm productivity.

By the time you've had to call the service desk, it's too late - what you wanted to achieve at work today has already been interrupted.

Monitoring for predictive failures

Instead of waiting for IT services to break, we continuously monitor the health of your computing platform against performance, stability and security criteria. Once detected, if the undesirable state has an existing process to deliver remediation it will get started automatically. And if not, our exception reporting process will devise a repeatable fix, document it and configure it to respond to similar events in the future.

Automated remediation

Many undesirable events can be fixed automatically, and our systems take care of that and record detailed logs to demonstrate the nature of the problem and its resolution. If an automated fix can't be applied, then a support ticket is automatically generated and routed to the most appropriate team for resolution in line with our defined service levels. Root causes are investigated and reviewed to identify broader issues, with appropriate plans put in place to provide long-term fixes.

Quality assurance

Our monitors collect a lot of information about each computer and how it's performing (note - this is just metadata about the computer, not your personal data which always remains secure). We mine and analyze this metadata on a regular basis to identify patterns and root causes, which in turn leads us to those "aha!" moments where we can devise new maintenance tasks to continuously improve the reliability of your IT estate and reduce the need for your users to rely on support. And because we're not just monitoring your own equipment, our scale of monitoring information lets us devise efficient maintenance tasks in a way an in-house IT department would struggle to match.