Performance Improvement

Using IT to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.

Performance improvement is one of those management phrases that gets a lot of attention. It's often hard to find consistent definition, though. We define it as the use of IT to transform organizational performance and increase the efficiency and effectiveness or business operations.

IT's at the heart of everything we do, but we're not just the sort of MSP that will patch your computers - we want to help you find new ways to use technology to run your organization better. Every client of ours has a dedicated account manager who's proactive and will not only discuss how we're performing in managing your IT, but also what new IT trends, products, mergers and acquisitions can help you:

  • Deploy new systems to automate processes and increase quality.
  • Work in new, agile and remote ways (we did a lot of this at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic!)
  • Save IT costs by consolidating systems.
  • Keep systems evergreen to avoid incompatibility problems that lead to wasteful manual efforts and expose security flaws.
  • Remain agile and scalable so your business can scale without IT becoming a bottleneck.
  • Make employees more productive by staying connected in the field.
  • And much, much more.

Performance improvement vs business process reengineering

Where do we draw the line? Sort of in the middle. Business process reengineering can certainly deliver performance improvements, but BPR projects often overreach and can impose unbearable burdens on a small or midsized organization.

BRP does, however, have some valuable ideas we draw on to good effect. These include the concept that any work being performed that doesn't add value for customers needs to be identified and reviewed so that it can be removed, not automated. With this in mind, we're very clear about what we shouldn't encourage clients to spend their money on automating, which also clarifies the scope of work that demands attention.

Examples of performance improvement output

We love structure and frameworks. So as you'd expect, our methodology for performance improvement work categorizes the outputs we deliver. Here are the most common categories:

  • Revenue. We'll help you use your website to generate leads and sell digital products, make your sales teams work more efficiently, analyze your customer data to identify new cross sell and up sell opportunities and more.
  • Throughput. Our process automation services can help you do more with less, and to avoid unnecessary hiring in early years of growth in particular.
  • Quality. Automation of processes and controls mean less manual intervention, and fewer mistakes.
  • Productivity. We can automate, semi-automate and reengineer processes to help your employees deliver more process cycles per day. And our Workflow as a Service offering is a cost-effective way of achieving this without an initial outlay.
  • Customer experience. Turn your website and other systems into a self-service customer support hub.
  • Data consolidation. We often find clients can consolidate, deduplicate and centralize data held in multiple files, folders and databases. Central, simple data is easier for people to mine, understand and act upon.
  • Internal control. Enforcing segregation of duties, avoiding conflicts of interest and transforming manual detective controls to more efficient automated preventive ones.
  • Culture. We'll manage your IT in a manner that drives user engagement to develop better services that solve business problems. An output of our IT service management work, this makes continuous improvement a living reality and means you don't have to pay for expensive reengineering projects.
  • Resilience. Beyond just reliable backup and restoration, through disaster recovery and to business continuity.
  • Collaboration. Get away from a combination of email and files by moving processes into package software like SharePoint and Teams or custom-built. zero code apps running on tablets and smart phones.

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