If you care about no other IT topic, you need to care about security.

Security in information technology doesn't just happen. With a formidable background in operational risk management you can rely on us to keep you protected.

Three layers of defense

Our Three Layers of Defense (3LOD) model makes sure that technology assets, and the business processes they run, have independent solutions in place to protect them. Our first line is designed as a protective layer, including anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spam technologies. Behind this, the second line detects and remediates any security breaches that manage get past the first line of defense. And finally, our third line comprises periodic review of the threat landscape and ongoing review of the security architecture to ensure its fitness for purpose against new and emerging hazards and criminal activity.

Remove known weaknesses

We'll make sure that all assets receive the latest security patches, system updates and firmware so that discovered security flaws are eliminated in your environment. We'll also deploy the latest approved updates to third-party applications, productivity software and line of business systems.

Backup and disaster recovery

It's your data. You need to protect it with valid, tested backups on a regular basis. You'll also need a fully-formed contingency plan that lets you ensure the continuity of your business. We'll take care of the necessary technical side of this for you while advising on the most appropriate balance of business risk versus BRD cost and other risk management topics.