Service Desk

Today's smart workspaces need self-service options delivered as part of a self-healing process.

The days of a phone call to IT resulting in a prolonged "coffee break" while a technician takes control of a laptop are long gone.

Strangely, though, some companies still miss the opportunity to enjoy low cost, low disruption service desk operations. And this despite the fact that self-service is the preferred option for individuals' other support needs, like from their utility companies and mobile phone providers.

Why self-service?

Simple. It's the most cost-efficient way you can access a service desk (we do provide phone support if required, but we have to charge a higher rate for it). It's capable of being fully automated in terms of delivering a fix in most cases, which means that the quality of the fix can be guaranteed. We build and maintain a portfolio of self-service options, each presented in the form of a step-by-step wizard to fine tune the requirement and make the experience as easy as possible for the individual. And if anything else is required, we'll deliver it first and add it to the portfolio later.

Not just for IT issues

Our service capabilities extend way beyond IT support when your computer has a problem. We provide you with a portal where you can request software that gets deployed right onto your laptop within minutes. Or you can order a new laptop, monitor and other accessories for a new starter. Or you can take an internal training course like IT security, in-house compliance, first aider basics, new starter orientation, whatever you need. You can even use the portal to track compliance for your team's training, and use it to approve purchases that need to come to you for review. Give us a call, and we'll talk you through some more options and show you how this works.

Can't I just pick up a phone?

Sure thing! But with self-service capabilities phone support is an increasingly premium option - if that works for your business, we're all ready to go. Our phone-based service desk can give you support during business hours, out of hours or 24x7x365 including public holidays. And just like our self-service portal, we can incorporate both IT and other business support topics as well.