Projects don't just happen

Planning is vital, but it doesn't get you past the finishing post alone. We live and breathe project management and excel at running project offices that get the job done.

Project management

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

We. Deliver. Projects. On time, on budget. Period. With years of project delivery experience, combined with business acumen and deep technical knowledge, we can provide the professional, results-oriented project management your business deserves.

Part-time Project Management for SMEs

Some organizations only don't have sufficient project workloads to require full-time management resources. If that's you, we can help with our part-time project management offerings.

Project offices

Project RAID Management

Ah, the RAID log. Most business and technology people struggle with this aspect of project delivery more than any other. We can help you avoid structural and completion errors that distract management attention from the significant RAID components hindering successful completion of your projects. Try our RAID University approach to get your people up the learning curve today.

Distressed projects

Got a failing or struggling project? Approximately 30% of all our project management work has involved the need to quickly and effectively wrestle a distressed project back onto a reliable path. Whether it's cost overruns, extended delays or missed deadlines, talk to us about how to fix the problem at source. We can analyze your  situation and make recommendations for remediation or else take the reigns to get things back on track.

Management by S Curve

Do your people include S Curves in their project reporting? If not, why not? S Curves are one of the most basic, straightforward and meaningful ways in which you can see at a glance whether you're on track or not. They are often the most valuable indicators of whether or not the rest of your project reporting is misleading. Give us a call today and we'll tell you more.

Fractional PMO Services

Small portfolio? No problem. We offer a fixed-fee fractional PMO service to manage project planning, tracking and reporting. This service is particularly useful for medium sized enterprises who might not have enough project work of their own to justify a full-time project office function.