Controlling operational risk, but with a modern twist

Controls are no longer an overhead, and the days of wasting testing resource to little practical benefit are over. Step into the new world of operational risk management and start adding value today.

Control Architecture

Control automation

Automated controls are the way to go if you want to keep your costs down while seeing performance improve. And from a compliance perspective, your testing burden is far lower than for manual controls. If you like the sound of better results combined with a positive return on investment contact us today.

Control performance benchmarking

Can you benchmark control performance on a genuinely like-fo-like basis? We can. Whether it's between business lines, regions or county offices, or if you're interested in accurate external benchmarking across your own and other industries, we'll help you every step of the way.

Control lifecycle management

Control modeling language

Still trying to figure out the "who, what, why, when and where" of control design? That's so last decade. Our control modeling language codifies over 40 distinct design elements required to define a workable control. Simply put, if you haven't got this level of detail in your control design then you're not being serious about meaningful internal control.

Control lifecycle management

Good control design is rare. Excellent design is rarer still. But the ability to appropriately manage the control framework itself over time is rarest of all.

Audit point and control remediation

Back to basics

Ever been told "the system just won't let you do that" when you're trying to close an audit point? We've heard that line a thousand times, and in the majority of cases it's down to flawed reasoning. Talk to us and we'll find the right answer, not the convenient one - the solutions we propose are not only logical, they're backed up by sound business thinking.

Codification is key

Manual tasks waste time and bore employees. We make computers do the heavy lifting so your people don't have to.