Creating value through technology

Beautiful, beautiful technology. We love it. And we're very good at managing it without any drama or panic.

IT Governance and frameworks

Performance & Capability Assessments

Think your IT service management isn't up to scratch? We use industry standard frameworks like ITIL, COBIT and others to measure capability, design performance improvements and turn ITSM into a virtuous cycle. Whether you want to improve on current performance or are embarking on using a framework for the first time we have you covered.

Constructive IT Policies

Good IT policies are hard to find. Bad policies let people off the hook because they are used to excuse service delivery problems; people read bad policies to find loopholes, not guidance. Delivering the level of service your data creators and consumers demand starts with delivering excellent IT policies.

Documentation as a Service

We manage documentation on a service basis for small and middle-market organizations. Using our System and Organizational Controls (SOC2) compliant toolsets we'll work with you to build a valuable knowledge base that aids operational processing, provides  an invaluable body of knowledge during incident management scenarios and helps growing companies meet their own compliance requirements for ISO quality registration.

Technical audits and scorecards

You can't take action without the supporting information. Whether you want to view your IT estate by system, computer, department or region we have the monitoring and reporting capability to match. When you can see your IT performance ranked against an agreed baseline you're able to take control, managing risk while simultaneously improving the user experience.

Service management

Remote Monitoring & Automation

Our systems monitor servers, desktops and laptops,down to the service, process and event log level. Not only that, but the majority of adverse conditions noted can be addressed by automated controls that bring potentially disruptive situations back in line.

Service Desk & Network Operations Center

Sometimes monitoring identifies a condition that needs human intervention, such as raising support tickets with third party vendors. And occasionally, your people need help with using their software. Our NOC and service desk take care of these situations quickly and professionally, and operate 24x7 for your piece of mind.

Data Management, Backup & Disaster Recovery

It's a basic. Everybody knows you need it. But does your backup work when you need it most? Did you test it recently? We partner with a range of backup, disaster recovery and data management vendors to offer you a tailored capability suited to your business model. We can put this in place for your people or provide a fully-managed turnkey operation to suit your preference.

Desktop Management

And... we package software, distribute it using rules-based deployment schedules or on demand to users, manage updates, administer security including antivirus, crypto protection, web filtering, data loss protection, digital rights management, and a whole lot more. If it's on a personal computer, we can manage it efficiently and effectively.